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This site is a part of the ADF — a community centered around collecting and sharing yaoi content. Originating on the 4chan's /y/ — Yaoi board, it has since become a thing of its own, with multiple websites and a Discord server (linked in this site's header) now being the go-to place.

Original ADF website used to be available at adf.rocks (since 2021.01.01: superseded by YDC), and the drives update tracker used to be at yupdates.art (discontinued).

Commonly asked questions

Archived threads

Several 4chan archives exist, and some of them archive the /y/ board. All of the links in this section lead to the fireden.net archive, with other notable alternative being Archived.moe.

#0 #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8

Discord server logs

For ADF 1 - 4, unpack the entire archive into a single directory and open "index.html".
For ADF 5 and newer, unpack the entire archive into a single directory and open the .html of the channel you'd like to view.

#1 #2 #3.5 #4
#5 (Aug 14, 2021)
#6 (Feb 2, 2022) (this is the last version of ADF 6 before the questionable content purge)

#3 was a Matrix server, its history is not preserved.

Similar projects

Similarly themed Discord servers:

Bulk download tools

Here is our small collection of software tools you can use to make your own local copy of your favorite artists' works.

  • gallery-dl
    Swiss army knife of the bulk gallery downloaders world. Hundreds of different sites supported, including Patreon, DeviantArt and the majority of popular booru sites.

  • PixivUtil2
    The best tool to download content from Pixiv and Fanbox.

  • Furdown
    Furaffinity.net gallery downloader for Windows. Purpose-built for Furaffinity, thus supporting some highly specific features like content update detection which multipurpose tools sometimes struggle with.

Other tools

  • Image MAX URL attempts to produce original versions of images by modifying the URL. Also available as a userscript.

  • SimilarImages allows you to quickly find duplicate images stored locally. Useful for searching for fullsize versions within a large dataset using the reference thumbnail; together with AntiDupl.NET it is the only one capable of doing this task on a dataset of 200 000 files in a reasonable time.

Scraper websites

Unlike the tools above, these publish the scraped content for every site visitor to see.

  • Kemono.party
    Supports Patreon, SubscribeStar, Fanbox, Gumroad and Fantia.
    Some lesser-known forks of the Kemono's engine also exist.

  • coomer.party
    OnlyFans scraper.

  • Memory Hole
    Patreon scraper, stillborn.

  • Yiff.party
    Supported Patreon and, somewhat unreliably, Fantia.

  • Ofans.party (http://pkhksfrum4bwtvn6komioijrnblsbmalhytmmbt6teheuqsigeyeoeqd.onion/)
    Obsolete Onlyfans scraper.