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This site is a part of the ADF — a community centered around collecting and sharing yaoi content. Originating on the 4chan's /y/ — Yaoi board, it has since become a thing of its own, with multiple websites and a Discord server (linked in this site's header) now being the go-to place.

Original ADF website used to be available at adf.rocks (since 2021.1.1: now superseded by YDC, that address now points to the mirror), and the drives update tracker is at yupdates.art.

Commonly asked questions

Archived threads

Several 4chan archives exist, and some of them archive the /y/ board. All of the links in this section lead to the fireden.net archive, with other notable alternative being Archived.moe.

#0 #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8

Discord server logs

Unpack the entire archive into a single directory and open "index.html"

#1 #2 #3.5 #4

#3 was a Matrix server, its history is not preserved.

Similar projects

Similarly themed Discord servers:

Bulk download tools

Here is our small collection of software tools you can use to make your own local copy of your favorite artists' works.

  • Fantiaimgs
    Fantia.jp archival tool for .NET/Mono. Supports downloading images, videos and other attachments.

  • Furdown
    Furaffinity.net gallery downloader for Windows. Purpose-built for Furaffinity, thus supporting some highly specific features like content update detection which multipurpose tools sometimes struggle with.

  • gallery-dl
    Swiss army knife of the bulk gallery downloaders world. Hundreds of different sites supported, including Patreon, DeviantArt and the majority of popular booru sites.

  • HicceArs downloader
    A tool to automatically download galleries and images from the specified HicceArs artists. Runs everywhere Node.js can run, with self-contained executables available for Windows.

  • PixivUtil2
    The best tool to download content from Pixiv and Fanbox.

Other tools

  • Image MAX URL attempts to produce original versions of images by modifying the URL. Also available as a userscript.

  • SimilarImages allows you to quickly find duplicate images stored locally. Useful for searching for fullsize versions within a large dataset using the reference thumbnail; together with AntiDupl.NET it is the only one capable of doing this task on a dataset of 200 000 files in a reasonable time.

Scraper websites

Unlike the tools above, these publish the scraped content for every site visitor to see.

  • Kemono.party
    Supports Patreon, Fanbox, Gumroad and Fantia.
    Some lesser-known forks of the Kemono's engine also exist.

  • Yiff.party
    Supported Patreon and, somewhat unreliably, Fantia.

  • Ofans.party (http://pkhksfrum4bwtvn6komioijrnblsbmalhytmmbt6teheuqsigeyeoeqd.onion/)
    Onlyfans scraper.