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After 5 years of (almost) daily updates tracking it is finally time to move on.

If you are a long time user, you've probably noticed the lack of drives updates in the last months of the tracker operation. It only makes sense to operate a complex legacy project of this nature if it is useful to the public, and in 2023 it no longer is in any meaningful capacity. With each passing month fewer and fewer people are willing to maintain public art drives, and with every wave of deleted cloud service accounts the amount of content that's never coming back only grows.

We want to focus what little resources we still have on the parts of ADF that are still useful, such as the YDC, so the Updates@YDC (/y/updates) has been shut down on May 3rd, 2023.

We're also making the software that did the actual scraping opensource: WnsApp on GitHub. At the moment of publication it is still mostly operational, but don't expect it to be fixed if it breaks.

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